Friday, March 7, 2014

Him! Ch 2

                                             CHAPTER 2


(One week later)


“Today’s Mike’s birthday and he’s having a party, is y’all going to come because I do not wanna be there like some damn stalker watching over his dirty ass?” Kimmy asked coming back into the living room, sitting on the couch with a cup of water. We hardly went to parties unless it was a friends or family thing because folks are crazy and there was a ninety percent chance some ignorant ass person would be shooting. Even though Mike was a friend he didn’t live in the safest neighborhood so hearing he’s having a party I was kind of stretchy about going.

“How the hell is you gon be considered a stalker when that’s yo nigga that’s an automatic invite?” Angel stated rolling her eyes before she started dancing like the fool she is. “But you know I’m in that thang. Conceited and all that nigga can throw a party, plus I’m man hunting so I’m there.” Angel said way to excitedly making us laugh.

“Right you man hunting and you’re choosing one of Mike’s parties to hunt at? That’s disastrous Angel fo’real, half the niggas there probably already have girlfriends they didn’t bring and/or they married trying to be on some low shit. We talking about Mike his ass don’t associate himself with nobody good. Shid half his friends probably burning too you never know, Mike ass probably burning-.” Kimmy hit me as I said that.

“Bitch no he’s not, I takes that ass to clinic every other week. That’s my bae and all but I know his ass triflin, if he wants to keep fuckin with me it’s a must which he knows. Mike ain’t fuckin these hoes raw he know better, I’d kill his mothafuckin ass if he bring me some shit back.” Kimmy said seriously, there was even a hint of an attitude in her voice which I paid no attention to. Mike was a hoe we all knew that but Kimmy was crazy about him for some strange reason.

Yeah he was sexy with his light brown skin, green eyes with brown specks in them. His six foot frame, wave faded hair, that chinstrap beard and penciled mustache. Mike was cute no doubt about it but he was a hoe. What Kimmy really saw in him is beyond me- but she was crazy about that man.

“Bitch no need for attitudes, you know if yo coochie burning or smelling or not-.” I burst out laughing cutting myself off as Kimmy jumped on me whacking my ass with a pillow.

“Fuck you, my pussy not burning nor does it stank- wanna smell it?” Pushing Kimmy off me, still laughing I shook my head.

“I was just playing- then again Missy, smell her." Missy throw a pillow at me rolling her eyes, making me laugh more.

"See this why I didn't want to tell y'all ass about Mya." Missy stated with an attitude making us all laugh.

"Now you know I was just playing. If you like to play with cat then you do, so what. If you thought a joke or three wasn't going to come then that's your fault, hoe you know us, shit me. So lose the attitude and come smell Kim's pussy to see if it stank." Angel and Ebony started laughing as both Missy and Kimmy jumped on me whacking me with the couch pillows.

"I can't stand yo ass, you get on my damn nerves. I don't know why you trying to make me snell that funky shit-." Missy started saying until Kimmy gasped out loud making us burst into a fit of laughter with what she replied back saying...

"Oh bitch no the fuck you didn't, when yo ass then tasted every lesbian's pussy in Moonstone. I mean, seeing as you’re fuckin with Mya's hoe ass that then tongued every bitch pussy around and fuck'd these hoes with the same damn strap she fuck you with. Bitch you should be the last one saying shit in that a sore on your gums?" Kimmy asked getting in Missy’s face. We all just started ganging at that, me more so than them.

"Ugh I then kissed her; I knew my gums were hurting-." Missy hit Kimmy before muffing me.

"See that's where you’re wrong I bring my own toys and I don't suck the strap I only fuck it." Laughing at Missy’s relaxed demeanor as she said all that, hell I believed her.

"Okay enough about the pussy and dicks y'all getting and Peaches obvious none dick or pussy getting ass. Are we going to this party?" Ebony asked looking directly at me. I didn't mind going to Mike's party but it really wasn't worth the drama it might bring.

"I'm with Angel I'm hunting tonight too. So I'm going." Missy says dancing in her spot on the couch.

"See they're going to be hoes. Which means I'm going to be left alone. Kimmy gon be in Mike's ass the whole time. Peaches please come you don't never do shit. You can't keep letting King control your every move damn; you got to live your life just like he does. Bitch yo ass is grown and its about time you start acting like it." Ebony snapped. That was easily said then done I didn't mind going to Mike's party but it wasn't worth the drama it'd cause between King and I.

"Bitch how you gon be alone when King's going to be there?" Ebony rolled her eyes at my question before replying.

"You going I don't give a fuck if I have to drag yo ass out this apartment naked you're coming." I didn’t even reply back to her. What was the point when I knew King wasn’t gon let me go to that damn party. It’s funny saying ‘let’ when I’m grown.

“Yeah Peach, you got to stand up to King sooner or later. Yo ass gon be thirty and lonely singing the same damn song. Look all of us going to be there so if he tries starting some shit we can jump his ass. I wanna lay hands to him anyways, so you might as well take yo yellow ass in the room and start looking for something to wear.” Angel added tossing a pillow at me. She was right it is about time I start standing up to King but even doing that would start a fight that he’ll end up winning.

“Okay I’ll come but y’all ass better help me.” Of course King would be at the party. Mike use to stay down the street from us when we were younger, he and King practically grew up together so they’re tight.

“King ain’t gon be on nothing I promise-.” Ebony started saying making me roll my eyes.

“Don’t even, bitch you know damn well his ass gon try some shit- what is you doing?” I asked as she held her phone to her ear.

“Calling King,” Ebony replied back saying.

“Put it on speaker,” the girls said in unisons.

‘Yo,’ King answering had me rolling my eyes.

‘Hey bae, what are you doin?’ Ebony asked while leaning back on the couch.

‘Shit out, why what’s up.’ She rolled her eyes at King’s reply.

‘Nothing bored, thinking bout you…’ King laughed at that before humming.

‘What about me got you thinkin?’ Ebony suddenly got this big smile on her face. Here I’m thinking she’s tryna play shit off but her whole damn body language then changed.

‘Um… us last night-.’

“Hell n’all bitch go in the room.” I told her and King laughed.

‘Tell Peaches to shut her hating ass up.’ Ebony laughed as I stuck up my middle finger.

‘Hey bae are you going to Mike’s party?’ She asked getting straight into it now.

‘Mhm, yeah I’mma be there and hell n’all she can’t come.’ King snapped into the phone.

‘Nigga she is coming, how the fuck you sound. All of us are going and so is she.’ Ebony stated returning his hostility tone of voice. ‘She a grown ass woman, nigga if she can’t go yo ass ain’t goin.’ I rolled my eyes at that knowing damn well now that she said something to him about me going he was gon make sure I really didn’t. That was one thing I loved but hated about King; he took overprotective to a whole new level.

‘Shut the fuck up, yo ass ain’t even going. Boss you walk yo ass in that house I’m fuckin you up-…’ King’s snapping voice was quickly shut off as she took him off speaker.

‘Hold the fuck up, if yo ass think you going to this party and I ain’t coming you then lost yo damn mind. King yo triflin ass ain’t slick…’ the slamming of my guestroom door muffled Ebony snapping words. Looking at the girls we started laughing.

“Here I’m thinkin that bitch got pull; only to hear her ass get told she can’t go. Yeah she a grown ass woman tho,” Kimmy said laughing.

“King, just be running his mouth when it’s to Ebony he know damn well she going to that party.” We all hummed our agreements. King was a punk when it came to that damn girl. She can talk her way in and out of everything.

“So you’re not going now, huh?” Kimmy asked with a shake of her head as if she already knew the answer. I had to agree tho it was about time I started doing what I want without having to worry about how King’s overprotective ass is going to react. I’m twenty-four who’s still getting treated like a sixteen year old.

Fuck it!

“I’m going but if he try something y’all’s ass better be there to help me.” After I said that Ebony came back in the living room.

‘Yeah she can go, but I don’t want no shit outda y’all damn girls man.’ King voice came from the speaker as Ebony smiled at me before mouthing ‘we in that bitch.’

‘Daddy ain’t gon be no shit I promise.’ Ebony replied back while flopping down next to me.

‘I’m on my way over there, you gon blow a nigga when I get there.’ King had no shame. Ebony took him off speaker looking slightly embarrassed, which we paid no mind. We know what they nasty asses be doing; hell I then walked in on them many of days.

‘No, bye King…no…I’ll think about it. Man bye get off my phone…mm if you do that then yeah…’ Tuning out there conversation, I turned to Kimmy.

“What time this thing start?” Seeing as Mike was her dude she’ll know.

“Shid I don’t know; late, when night hits. We gotda get there early tho otherwise there ain’t gon be nowhere to park. I hope Mike’s baby momma don’t show up.” Kimmy said letting out a heavy breath, we all knew how stressful it came to her just being with Mike but to add a stupid ass baby momma in the mix was bullshit. But she’s crazy over Mike’s triflin ass, if it was me I would’ve been stop fuckin with him especially when he had a baby on my ass.

“If she does we’ll just beat her ass. Simple as that, she can get it just like any other bitch in there that wanna start some shit.” Leave it to Angle ol violent ass to say some shit like that, but she wasn’t lying. We never started anything but we damn sho would finish it.

“Missy, where you going?” I asked as she got up grabbing her purse.

“About to see what you got that I can wear, before you go looking.”

“Oh yeah, I need to see if you got some shoes that’ll match my outfit.” Kimmy added to Missy’s reply.

“No the fuck y’all not, see this why I don’t like you two bitches coming over here.” Ignoring me they both laughed and keep going. “I can’t stand those two hoes.” Getting comfortable on the couch I turned on the TV.

“Peach what you got to eat, I’m starving?” Angel asked rubbing her stomach.

“Leftovers from last night if you want; it’s some meatloaf, corn, green beans and mash potatoes left. I don’t know how much really left tho, King came over with that Sam dude and that nigga can eat, got forty dollas out that ass tho.” Laughing Angel walked into the kitchen.

“I’mma be pissed if he did, I’m hungry as hell.” Angel yelled from the kitchen. The loud knock on the door had me looking over towards it as it came open revealing King, Sam, Blaze and Mike.

“Kim, Mike’s here!” I yelled from the couch. “Happy birthday,” sitting up I gave Mike a hug.

“Thanks, you coming to the party right?” Nodded my head I sat back down, laying out on the couch.

“Yeah I’ll be there- damn.” I said looking at Sam like he was crazy. “Big ass flopping on my damn feet, you see me stretched out and you come over here to sit down.” Ever since this Blaze cat got out him and King’s ass seemed to be joined at the hip. To me this’s crazy because before last week I’ve never even heard of a Blaze or Sam, now these niggas like the best of friends.

“Damn I’m sorry I didn’t even see yo legs right there. Hey Peaches, how’s yo day going?” Staring at Sam I shook my head with a laugh. Since that night we met his ass has been none stop flirting, King then went off on his ass but the nigga still ain’t quit.

I must admit tho, it was hella attractive to me. Most niggas King snapped at ran away like a scared dog with their tail tucked between its legs.

“It’s been alright,” I replied before turning to Mike. “Can you go get yo bitch out my room, she in there stealing my damn shoes.” Laughing Mike sat on the arm of the couch, shaking his head.

“Kimmy get yo ass out her room, you got yo own damn shoes.” Mike yelled looking towards the back. “That broad got a shoe fetish you should see my damn room, fuckin heels everywhere. Fuck’d up thing her ass don’t even stay there.” Laughing at what he said I shook my head knowing he wasn’t lying because her room was the same damn way.  It’s funny because Kimmy ass be the first to say she don’t have no shoes to wear.

“Hey bae, don’t be in here talkin bout me. I do stay at yours when I want to, so my shoes can be at your place.” Kimmy told him as she stood between his legs, with her arms around his neck. Leaning down Mike kissed her and I found myself awing to myself. I had to silently admit even though Mike is a trifling as nigga, he and Kim were cute together. His tall muscular built with her short but shapely chubby figure was cute. Chubby or not it didn’t take away from her beautiful light brown skin complexion, pretty dimple smile or glowing dark brown eyes even with the extra weight Kimmy was beyond beautiful then most small bitches who think a size two make them the shit. With Kimmy’s personality, looks and the fact my bitch can throw down in a kitchen the bitch was the total package.

That’s probably why Mike’s ass don’t wanna let her go.

Realizing I was just staring at them I quickly looked away. Only to caught the ending of King’s sentence…

“…I’m not fuckin playin, you hear me?” Was he talking to me?

“King chill damn, it’s a party she can do what the fuck she want last we check she’s grown.” Angel said walking into the room with a plate of food.

“What’s that you eating?” Mike asked tryna make a grabbed for Angel’s plate.

“Boy gon shit, it’s some more left in the kitchen.” Angel pulled her plate out of his reach.

“Shut yo black ass up, I wasn’t talkin to yo stank ass.” King stated causing Angel to stop mid bite to look at him.

“King don’t make me beat yo ass then make you kiss my stank round black ass.” We laughed at that, these two forever stayed into it.

“Bitch I ain’t kissing shit; you can suck my dick tho.” King said undoing his jeans, as he was doing that Ebony hit him.

“Leave her alone before we have to whoop yo ass.” Ebony joked saying which made King muff her.

“Dreads don’t be staring baby you can get it to.” Kimmy added staring at Sam, who has been quiet him and Blaze. Glancing back at Blaze, he stood leaned against the living room wall not saying anything just looking around. He must have felt my eyes on him because he’s soon jumped to mine. With a sly laughed I looked away from his intensive stare that have the pit of my stomach tightening as well as this giddy feeling stirring up inside that tight space.

“Kimmy shut the fuck up, he ain’t said shit to you.” Leave it to Mike to blow shit outda proportion.

“You shut the fuck up, he didn’t have to he was lookin tho. Peaches he looks like he’s about to jump on you.” Kimmy said making me as well as Sam laugh.

“I was thinking bout it, but she probably got a gun under that pillow.” Sam saying that had the room going quiet as the girls and I made eye contact before bursting into a fit of laughter. “What’s funny?” Laughing I leaned up then reached in between the couch cushion and pulled out my Ruger.

“You can never to be careful, so come on pretty boy. Gon jump yo ass over here.” I said. Sam scooted away from me then with a laugh.

“I ain’t fuckin with you, King what’s up with baby girl and guns, yo?” Before King could reply Ebony hauled off and slapped the shit outda him. The impact of the sound was so loud I felt that shit, so much so my hand went to me cheek as my mouth parted from shock. King facial expression I’m pretty sure mirrored mine.

“Damn!” I heard Blaze say as Ebony started going off jerking on King’s shirt.

“What bitch was you just went and I dare yo ass to fuckin lie?” She yelled slapping him again that second slap brought King from his shock haze and he quickly jumped up as did I already knowing this shit was about to get ugly. “This bitch leaving marks, huh, fo’real. Gon lie you trifling ass mothafucka and you gon bring yo ass over here after being with some bitch.” Ebony snapped muffing King in the head waiting on him to say something. Grabbing her arms King pushed her hard as hell making her fall to the floor.

“Yo stupid ass hit me like that again I’mma beat yo ass. I wasn’t with no bitch-,” jumping up Ebony slapped the shit outda him again. “Bitch, what the fuck I just tell yo stupid ass?” Grabbing Ebony by the throat King snatched her ass up before throwing her on the couch. “I wasn’t with no bitch.” I already knew his ass was lying and shook my head.

“King let her go-.” I started saying pulling him back but Ebony ass bucked with King on top of her, swinging on his ass. Pushing her hard into the couch he let her go and she quickly jumped up jerking on his shirt.

“Get the fuck off me I said I wasn’t with a bitch, unless you calling these two niggas bitches, then yeah-.”

“You wasn’t with a bitch, you really gon stand here and fuckin lie? Nigga you got fuckin lipstick on yo collar. Ain’t this red lipstick? Please tell me it ain’t you lying son of a bitch and yo ass smell like some funky ass corner store perfume.” Ebony yelled punching him in his chest before slapping him hard across the face this time King slapped the shit outda her back. Ebony ass went crazy, jumping on King she got to beaten the shit outda him, punching, slapping, biting whatever she could.

Yeah King’s a dog ass nigga but she knew this and every time she finds out it’s always this shit. But in the end she never leaves so why react like this if you gon continue taking him back, knowing how he is?

I just don’t understand it.

“Y’all need to chill the fuck out; I do stay in an apartment! Take that shit outside or to yo own house!” I yelled grabbing the back of King’s shirt trying to pull him out of Ebony’s grasp but that bitch wasn’t letting go she whacking the hell outda him in his back, upside his head. King ass wasn’t no better he wasn’t punching her but he was slapping the shit outda Ebony and choking her.

“You triflin ass bitch, I’m fuckin done. Go back to that bitch you was just with, I fuckin hate yo triflin ass,” Ebony yelled in King’s face as he managed to grab her; which wasn’t smart on his part as Ebony opened her mouth and bit into his chest.

“Bitch you better quit fuckin biting, I wasn’t with no fuckin bitch,” him lying only seemed to piss her off more. It suddenly seemed like she got the strength of ten men as she got of his hold and tackling King, sending him my way.

I was pulled back just in time as they both fell down with a thumb.

“You think it’s smart to stand that close?” Blaze asked with his arms secure around my waist pulling my back to his chest as he held me tightly.

“I can take care of myself, if you wanna grab somebody tho. Get yo boy, please?” Blaze hummed just as King picked Ebony up and started carrying her to the back where the rooms where.

“Shid yo girl the one who needed to be grabbed for the look of it, plus that ain’t have shit to do with me.” I felt him shrug as he finished talking. Looking down at his arm still holding me I let out a small laugh.

“I think it’s safe to let me go now.” Turning me around to his front, Blaze pulled our body close so that our chests were pressed tight together.

 “I don’t know but ol girl looked a little possessed. So what’s up with you- why the hell you rolling yo eyes for now.” Laughing I shook my head.

“No reason, ain’t nothing been up school, work the usually. What about you, you’ve been out for a good week. How’s the outside world treating you?” Blaze shrugged before leaning against the wall.

“I can call it yet, tho I did meet this one babe but she ain’t tryna give a nigga no play.” He explained making me laugh as well as roll my eyes.

“Well maybe she got her reasons to not give you any play.” Blaze gave me a blank stared then a hum.

“What the fuck kind of reasons would she have?” Pressing myself more into him I slowly began moving my hands up his chest, to his broad shoulders then smoothing out his shirt, my eyes not once leaving his chest as I began to talk.

“There could be a lot, one of which you hang out with King and he just so happens surround himself with dog ass niggas, two you’re his friend,” licking my lips I peeked up at him. “And as I said before I don’t date my brother’s friends.” Grabbing his arm from my waist I stepped away from him. “You thirsty, I got beer, juice and water?” Walking backwards staring at Blaze, he laughed.

“Is it free or you gon charge me for it?” Was his question, with a laugh of my own I turned away from him to walk into the kitchen, only halfway hoping he would follow. “What?” I asked the prying eyes of my friends and Sam, noticing their stare as I turned away from Blaze.

“Shid, I been around this dude for damn near two weeks and this most I then heard him say, I thought prison made ‘Em lose his voice.” Mike exclaimed looking at Blaze as my other friends just sat there cheesing before getting up.

“Nothing, nothing at all baby; we about to heard out, we’ll be back before the party because Missy and I riding with you.” Angel said as she and Missy grabbed their stuff. Missy tried to slickly to hide the grey strapless sequin tunic mini dress in her purse but it was sticking out.

“Okay, Missy I got some black faux suede rhinestone, platform heels to go with that dress.” Missy raised a brow before opening up her bag and pulling out some sliver red bottoms.

“I got the wrong shoes?” Shaking my head at her I turned to Blaze.

“You can go in the kitchen; I’ll be there in a minute.” Not waiting on his reply I went to my room, going in my closet to get the shoes and the black leather jacket I brought to go with that dress. As I was leaving my room I could still hear Ebony and King in the quest room arguing. Letting out a sigh I went back into the living room. “Here, I want my shit back Miss I’m not bullshittin.” Missy eyes rolled up in her head before she looked at me smiling.

“I promise- you’re giving me the jacket too?” Nodding I handled it to her.

“Yeah, I bought it to go with the dress. I want all this back bitch.” Laughing she hugged and thanked me.

“Thanks mami, come on Ang before she change her mind. Bye Kim baby we’ll see you at the party, later Mikey and happy birthday.” Missy called while dragging Angel out.

“I’m bout to head out to, Peach, you cool alone with these two sexy men?” Kimmy asked pointing to Sam then towards the kitchen. “I can stay; just let me get rid of him.” She tried to whisper as her head jerked in Mike’s direction.

“Get fuck’d up Kim.” Mike said getting up and walking up on Kimmy.

“Bae you know I was play,” looking back at me she shook her head while mouthing ‘No I’m not’. Laughing at her I shook my head.

“I think I can manage, I mean what can really happen with King in the next room.” She hummed to that as her lips pursed together with a head nod.

“Point, already baby I’ll see you later. Peach don’t make me have to come back here to drag yo ass out this damn apartment, you better be there. Bitch you know I will.” Knowing she was telling the truth I laughed as well as waved her off.

“I’ll be there, promise.”

“King I’m out!” Mike yelled towards the back rooms making me roll my eyes. Grabbing Kimmy from behind Mike whispered something probably sexual because her yellow ass turned red in the face. Letting Kim go Mike gave me a hug before kissing my cheek. “You better show up, otherwise I’m with Kim on beatin yo ass.” Laughing I pushed him away from me.

“I’m coming I promise now get out.” Walking them out, I closed and locked the door then went back towards the living room. “You want something to drink and the remote right there if you wanna change the channel.” I told Sam while grabbing the remote and handing it to him.

“Yeah, a beer’s cool.” Nodding I walked in the kitchen where Blaze stood leaning against the counter, with a slight smile in his direction I went to the fridge.

“Mr. Blaze what you want to drink?”

“I already got my beer,” he said holding up his bottle of beer. “But you can grab me another one?” Grabbing two Heineken’s I slid him one then took the other one to Sam, after giving Sam his beer I went back into the kitchen and pouring me cup of orange juice. “Yo shit always this full?” Blaze asked.

“Full? You call this full; I’d hate to see what your small is like.” Blaze let out a chuckle as he opened his second beer. “It’s probably like a person- no I’ll give it two people anything above is a full house huh?” I asked while sitting in the stool opposite him.

“Something like that, so you go to school and you work?” Taking a sip of my juice I nodded my head. “What kind of work you do?”

“Medical Assistant at a clinic downtown; I know you’re just getting out but what’s yo profession? Are you playing on going straight or…,” I asked letting the ‘or’ hang out there for him to fill it in. Picking up his beer he came around to my side sitting in the stool next to me. Grabbing my orange juice he took a long drink only leaving just a swallow once he finished. Looking at the cup I picked it up. “Oh you just getting beside yo damn self I offer you a drink and you just taking full advantage, huh?” I asked with a laugh. Taking the cup from me he finished the rest.

“You can finish that,” giving me his beer he watched me. Probably trying to see if I’ll drink it or not, I really didn’t know what he was thinking. Grabbing the bottle I wrapped my lips around it then took a swig.

“Now answer my question.” Smiling he reached for the beer bottle but I pulled it from his reach finishing it off. “You were saying?”

“What make you think I ain’t already straight?” Giving him a blank look I rolled my eyes.

“My brother doesn’t surround his self with straight dudes, plus if you were straight, I’m pretty sure we would’ve met before now. How long have you known King?” I asked twisting the stool around so I was now facing him; sitting up straight I crossed my legs. His eyes follow the movement; they continued to move up my bare thigh as he started talking.

“Bout sixteen years-,” cutting him off; I shook my head.

“Yo ass most definitely ain’t straight. Sixteen years really, damn, so now that you’re free what are your plans?” I asked.

“I’m a straight dude, my plans tho shid a little of this and that, you know.” He stated vaguely and I shook my head ‘no’ letting him know I didn’t.

“Not really but whatever it is can’t be good, which means my time will be wasted, number three as to why you can’t get no play.” Licking my lips I held up three wiggling fingers. Doing this made Blaze laugh and stand up. Grabbing my legs he uncrossed them then lifted me off my stool and onto the counter, causing my breath to get caught in my throat from the small, unexpected gasp.

“That’s what yo mouth saying I could always change yo mind.” His thick pink tongue slid out then swiped across his full bottom lip before pulling the top one into his mouth. This unrecognizable grunt came from the back of my throat as I fought with myself not to jump on him.

Pulling Blaze closer to me, I let my hands slid up the back of his shirt then dug my nails into his lower back.

“You probably could and I’d probably let you,” dragging my nails up his back I moved closer to him, bring my face to his slowly rubbing it against his. “I believe we could possibly have hella fun together,” whispering in his ear then sucking on his lobe I pulled back only to bring my mouth a few inches from his as I scratched across his back. Hearing him groan I smiled staring into his light brown eyes. “Mm we most definitely could…if it wasn’t for the fact you’re King’s friend.” My tongue flicked over his bottom then top lip making his mouth part slight, our eyes not once tearing apart. Glancing down at his parted lips my eyes come back to his, my smile grew wider as I felt him become hard. Bringing my mouth to the corner of his, “and as I said I don’t mess with my brothers friends.” Removing my hands from under his shirt I slid down off the counter forcing him back. “It was nice talking to you again Blaze.” Squeezing past him I walked out the kitchen with a little more sway to my hips without a second look back. Even so I could feel his eyes on me.

Going to the hall where the rooms where I could hear Ebony and King fuckin. Coming to the guest room I started banging on the door.

“Y’all ass should’ve took that shit somewhere else!” I yelled hitting the door once again but harder. “Turn on some damn music or gag that fuckin cat, damn!” I hated when they had sex over here, Ebony ass always made these loud weird noises sound like wailing banshee as well as a choking cat. I live in a damn apartment these old folks probably thinking somebody getting murdered.

Going in my room I slamming my door then plugged the iPod onto its dock and turning up ‘Trey Songs’ as loud as possible. Once I tuned them out I went to my closet in search of something to wear.



Standing in the full length mirror, taking in my five foot three height, one hundred, thirty-five pound self; in my short royal blue dress, with the flower cut lace sides and back, the royal blue complimented my light brown skin and long straight sandy red hair perfectly. Turning to the side I smooth down my dress as I stuck my butt out.

I didn’t have a huge ghetto booty but a nice pump little something going on…

“What the hell are you doing? And what the fuck you got on?” King asked walking into my room without knocking.

“Damn I’m glad I had clothes on. Don’t yo ass know how to knock?” I snapped at King already getting attitude knowing he was about to start talking shit.

“I did knock, you know not wearing that. Put on some jeans or something-.” King started to fuss making me groan.

“King for real ain’t nothing wrong with what I have on, so gone somewhere with that shit, damn” He stood up off the bed looking at me like I was crazy making me laugh. King standing there with his glaring face with that wrinkle in the middle of his forehead was looking just like our father. “You look just like Dmitri’s ass standing there. King I don’t want to argue with you there’s nothing wrong with what I’m wearing. I think I look good, I’m thinking about getting butt implants, get my Nicki Minaj on, what you think?” King started laughing before getting serious again.

“Peaches don’t bring yo ass to this party on that bullshit, I don’t wanna have to kill a mothafucka because you out there actin hot and shit.” Letting out an irritated breath I rolled my eyes as I combed through my long sandy red hair. “Peaches I’m serious as fuck, yo. Don’t bring yo ass to this party doing that shit you be on, I don’t wanna have to beat yo ass but I will. You understand me?” Finishing with my lip liner I put on some clear lip gloss, rubbing my lips together I popped them. “Peaches-.”

“I hear you King, damn. No getting head from random’s at the party, check, anything else dad?” Sliding the big black oval shape ring on my index finger then grabbing my black chain with the royal blue spike brass knuckles, I clamped it around my neck.

“Baby girl I ain’t tryna run yo life, I’m just lookin out for you, is all. I know how niggas out here are. They’ll see a pretty educated female like you and see dollar signs. They either gon leach off you or try to bring you down and I don’t want that, you understand? So if I gotda be the dick of a father to make sho yo head straight then so be it. I don’t want this shit for you.” Sighing I sat on the bed slipping on my royal blue ‘Sergio Rossi’ suede swirl pumps. Glancing at King I rolled my eyes at him before laughing.

“I know, but you should know that I wouldn’t let that happen. I know what my priorities are and what I have to do to see them through. You just have to trust me Ha’Keem if I make a mistake so be it, let me make it and learn from it. Plus I wouldn’t trust any nigga that show up at Mike’s party mouth, ugh.” Laughing King grabbed my black leather jacket, helping me put it on.

“Iight, Peaches I’mma fall back a bit but the first time you step outda line I’m beatin yo ass.” Zipping up my jacket I once again rolled my eyes at him.

“You do know I’m twenty-four and not fourteen right?” King waved me off and shrugged.

“It don’t matter how old you are, you gon always be my baby girl.” King was such a sucker when came to me, tough dude my ass.

“Hey, what’s Blaze story?” He stopped in his traces before blocking my way out my room door.

“Stay the fuck away from him; he’s crazy Peaches, he my nigga but he crazy as fuck.” The seriousness in his voice and eyes had me laughing out of pure humor.

“For you to say some shit like that about somebody is like Lucifer calling Abaddon a saint.” King muffed my head back and I punched him in the stomach.

“Peach I’m serious stay away from Blaze, I then already told him the same thing. You don’t want to date me if I had to name anybody in comparisons it’s Blaze.” From the serious look that came to his face once again I knew he wasn’t joking.

“Okay, stay away from Blaze, check. What about Sam?” King shook his head before turning off my room light.

“Stay away from him to, that’s Blaze’s dude. He a cool cat but Blaze already asking questions about you it’ll only cause problems.” King explained making me sigh.

“Crazy or not Blaze is sexy, can I play with him?” Once I said that he slapped me in the back of my head hard. “Ow, you son of bitch I was just playing, damn.”

“Well don’t fuckin play…” he said trailing off as he grabbed his ringing phone.  ‘Yeah…I’m at Peaches crib, I’ll be there in a minute just be ready.’ Knowing it was Ebony on the phone I laughed as I went to open the front door.

“Why you bitches banging on my door like y’all the laws? When the both of you have keys?” Angel and Missy just laughed following behind me. Walking back into the living room I grabbed my hand bag then my Ruger off the table, putting it in my purse.

‘What the fuck did I just say? I’m at Peaches crib…man shut the fuck up and be standing at the fuckin door I’m on my way.’ King snapped before hanging up the phone. “Peaches I’m out I’ll see you at the party, don’t forget what I said.”

“King get out my damn house before I call Ebony asking have she seen you.” Missy and Angel laughed while King mugged me. “You gone keep on and one day she going to get tired of all yo shit and leave. Given she’s the best thing that’s happened to you I don’t want that to happen but seeing as she’s my best friend I don’t want her to be treated like shit and I hope she comes to her senses soon and be done with yo triflin ass. King you not right at all for how you do her, she can do so much better then you.” I told him as I locked my apartment door.

“Sho the fuck can, I mean if you gon cheat then let her go. She can do bad by her damn self or find a man that’s gon treat her right.” Angel agreed bumping into King; bypassing him.

“Shut the fuck up, ain’t nobody ask none of y’all shit. Ebony ass ain’t going nowhere because I don’t cheat.” Missy slapped the shit out of King on his neck from what he just said. “Missy, make me beat yo ass.” He threatened but she wasn’t fazed just simply rolled her eyes.

“You don’t cheat? Get that bullshit outda here, don’t worry about it tho keep doing you. I got my bitch set up, fuck you triflin ass hoods.” Missy quickly hopped in my car closing and locking the door.

“You got her set up? What fuck you mean?” King snapped jerking on my car door trying to get to Missy. “You hook her up with anybody, boss I’m beating the fuck outda you and I put that on graves my nigga.” King was really pissed at the thought of Ebony being with somebody else.

“King stop snatching on my damn door like you stupid, go get Ebony and we’ll see y’all at Mike’s.” Not waiting on his reply I got in after Angel, once inside we started laughing.

“Missy he gon kill yo ass, you know he don’t play when it comes to Ebony trying to cheat.” Angel said laughing. “Peach roll yo window down.” Doing as asked I let my window down. Once I didn’t I smelt it.

“Damn Ang you couldn’t do that shit before you got here?” I wasn’t pissed or anything I just didn’t care to much for weed smoke.

“Sorry Peach but I have to get right on the way otherwise I’d be lazy as hell.” Angel replied. “Here Miss,” leaning across the seat Miss kissed me on the cheek.

“Sorry babe,” laughing at her stupid self, they started smoking passing the blunt back and forward. Turning up the radio we made our way to the party.



Parking at the empty house across the street from Mike’s, we got out locking our purses in the truck before approaching the two-story brick house.

“Look at this shit, it at even ten yet and niggas out here dirty.” I commented looking at the group of niggas pissy drunk in the front yard with a few bitches in the middle of them.

“Train! Three niggas to a bitch,” Angel high ass spoke loudly making us laugh. From the looks of it she was bout right. These niggas/bitches had no shame to their shit.

“Oh hell n’all, look at this shit.” Missy said stopping in her tracks as she spotted Mya leaning against a silver Nissan Altima in some bitch face whispering something, before kissing her. Mya was busy in ol girl face she didn’t even see or hear Missy. “Lying bitch told me she wasn’t even gon be here, so this why she ain’t want me here. I’m done fuck that hoe. Y’all hurry up in the house before she sees me.” Quickly walking to the front the door opening it, Missy stopped once again. “Can I have this?” She asked some random dude for his beer not even waiting on his reply she just took it then threw the glass bottle towards Mya and ol girl. Which didn’t even reach them but it got their attention no less.

“What the fuck?” Some dude yelled as the bottle landed a few inches from him. Missy mouth formed into an ‘O’ as pushed us the rest of the way in the house closing the door behind us. Both Angel and I looked at her like she was crazy.

“I’m high, I don’t know.” Glancing at Angel seeing she had done the same we burst out laughing at Missy seemingly serious excuse. “Don’t laugh, I can’t stand that bitch fo’real she was just all in my shit a few hours ago saying how she wanted to spend the night with me and shit talking about laying up and just watching movies. I’m glad I didn’t stay my stupid ass at home like I told her. Dumbass hoe, I’m so fuckin done.” Missy wasn’t one to really show her feelings but when she did you knew she was hurt and that pissed me off.

“Hold this.” Handing Angel my wrist bag I started twisting my necklace around to unclamp it so I can get the brass knuckles off. Oh I was about to beat Mya’s ass got my bitch in here looking like she was about to cry, nuh uh that shit ain’t even cool.

“N’all Peach, don’t even go out there I promise its good.” My mouth opened and I was about to start reasoning with her about letting me beat Mya’s ass but instead of words coming out a scream left my mouth instead as someone grabbed me from behind picking me up.

“Damn I didn’t expect to see you here.” The voice I recognized immediately and laughed.

“Leon put me down you damn fool.” Once I was back on my feet I turned around and hit him before giving him a hug. “I should kick yo ass, I thought you was one of these drunk fools trying get on my ass.” Leon laughed as he spoke to Angel and Missy.

“Y’all looking good as usual, am I gon get a dance for you two?” He asked them Angel pursed her lips together acting as if she didn’t hear him as Missy looked him over.

“Leon no, my friends are off limits to yo triflin ass. What’s up tho baby so we snitching on each other now, huh?” I asked referring to him telling King about Chase and I a week ago.

“Shid I don’t know what you talkin bout, you talked to my brother? He was askin about you, told me to tell you to hit his line.” Rolling my eyes I didn’t even want to think about his younger brother right now. “Y’all don’t mind if I still her?”

“Nuh uh gon take her, loosen her ass up some.” Angel asked while linking arms with Missy. “We’re about to get a drink.”

“Come on let’s dance.” Not protesting I let Leon drag me in the living room where it was hot as fuck and musty from the multiples gyrating bodies. If it was one thing Mike could do it was throw a house party, rather it brings in ratcheted bitches, hoes, triflin niggas or not the shit be hyped as ever.  

‘Gucci Mane’ blared through the DJ speakers as I danced with Leon; it was nothing but innocent grinding, hell we were barely touching. We stayed on the floor dancing through a few songs until I got hot and thirsty. Grabbing Leon’s hand I pulled him with me to the kitchen getting a much needed drink and to take off the hot leather jacket I still had on.

“Damn Peach, you looking good in that dress. King let you come out like that?” Opening the bottle of water I took a long drink then let out a heavy breath.

“King can’t tell me what to wear, I’m grown last I checked.” Leon laughed as he nodded his head.

“I see yo grown ass, so why you dodging Ron? He asks about you every time we talk.” Twisting the top on my water I shrugged.

“I’m not dodging him I’ve just been crazy busy with work and school. I was planning on calling him sometime during the week,” lie that was a big fat lie. Things between his brother and I were complicated as hell, even though I never had a boyfriend because of King. Jerron was the closest it got. Even though I hide my feelings from him they were deep but then he left and my folks died. It’s just this whole back and forward thing between us, which I’m tired of so for the past few years (given a few calls every other six or seven months) I’ve been avoiding him.

“Yeah right, don’t be playing my brother like he one of yo little head buddies. The least you can do is call him and say ‘what’s up’.” Taking a nothing sip of my water I hummed.

“I will; promise.” Laughing Leon looked away from me towards the living room.

“Look at that mothafucka right there. Man I don’t know what’s up with yo girl but you need to watch her ass, she be on some reckless shit with these niggas she be finding,” Leon said. The attitude in his voice didn’t go unnoticed. Following his gaze I found Angel grind on this big bulk killer looking dude, this nigga was big as fuck and looked mean as hell. He had to be around six foot three maybe two inches tall, weighing about two hundred sixty pounds give or take, of straight muscle. I don’t know what was up with my girl and big niggas.

“That mothafucka look scary.” I commented looking on as Angel little ass grind and winded on this dude, looking like she was really enjoy herself so who was I to knock her type.

“The other day her ass was in Brinks about to leave with some nigga who looked just as crazy as that mothafucka.” Shaking his head, he seemed really pissed about this. Watching Angel turn around to face dude she pulled his head down to whisper something in his ear. Without another word from Leon he left me in the kitchen as he made his way back to the dance floor.

After saying something to ol boy who was on Angel, dude walked off not looking too happy about it nor did Angel as she slapped Leon in the back. Leon didn’t seem faze by Angel’s attitude as he grabbed her, of course she fought but I’m guessing because Angel was high she let it slid and started dancing with Leon while laughing at something he whispered in her ear.

I get Leon was just looking out for her so how could anyone really be mad in the end. As I stood there watching my two friends dancing a hand suddenly covered my mouth before I was lifted off my feet and pulled into a dark corner in the kitchen.

“Estás tratando de meterme en problemas esta noche?” (You’re trying to get me trouble tonight?) Hearing that had me laughing as I pushed myself more into him. “Por qué te pones ese vestido?” (Why you wear that dress?) He asked while dipping his head in the crook of my neck kissing and sucking on the skin. Hooking my arm around the back of his neck, holding his head to me as I tilt mine further to the side giving him more room.

“Papi, King’s está aquí, si nos ve…” (Daddy, King’s here if he sees us…) I trialed off saying, hearing him let out a breath he began mumbling in my neck.

“I know I just saw him pull up.“ Turning me around, he pressed me into the wall.

“Sly you just said King’s here, so stop before he walks in or somebody sees.” I mumbled before kissing his lips twice then pulling away only to have Sly pull me right back.

“Let’s get outda here?” He says, his thick Spanish accent heavy in his voice for him being turned on. As tempting as the idea was I couldn’t just up and leave that’ll raise suspicion and King will flip the fuck out thinking I’ve duck home with some random ass dude.

“I can’t King has to at least see me, but you can home with me tonight.” Humming Sly leaned down and kissed me again as his hand moved down to my ass giving it a squeeze then a hard slap before letting go and pulling back.

“I’m tired of this sneaking around shit man, fo’real-.” Leaning up I kissed Sly again to shut him up. He knew King would go ape shit if he found out that we’ve been semi dating for the past few years, giving Sly was ten years older than me. King wasn’t going to take that news good at all so I was going to stall for as long as I could.

“I know; can we not do this here?” I asked sighing before deciding to change the subject. “What are you doing out here anyway? You sure you should be seen at such a hoodly party?” Catching on Sly shook his, I could tell he was mad about what I was doing but I didn’t care for the simple fact I knew my brother and he wouldn’t hesitant to beat the shit outda of Sly.

“I got to let lose sometimes, that’s why we need to get outda here.” He couldn’t stay mad at me for too long because deep down he knew just like I did King would try to kill him. Then again maybe not, he’s been pressuring me a lot lately about telling King about us.

So maybe he was ready to be out in the open with me.

Now the big question is…

Was I?

“Sly stop, somebody is going to see us.” I laughed as he picked me up bridal style with his head tucked in my neck sucking at the skin. “Mr. Sanchez no marks,” placing a kiss on my neck he lifted his head and started walking towards the back doors, sliding it opened he stepped into the nights air. Just like inside the backyard was pack with grinding bodies surround the pool area as well as niggas pasted out on the grass. The music was loud and blaring from the DJ’s speakers as the music switched from Gucci Mane to Lil Wayne, to Juvenile the DJ was live as hell out here.

Spotting Mike, Kimmy by the pool in lawn chairs, Sly made his was over still carrying me.

“Fo’real put me down before King’s sees you and gets the wrong idea.” The closer we got to Mike the nervous I got.

“What’s the wrong idea?” Was Sly’s question, ignoring my request to be put down he continued to carry me over. “Now you mad?” He asked making me roll my eyes.

“No I just think you’re being stupid is all. I get you wanna tell him but now isn’t the time to be all hugged up in his face, its best if I talked to him first-.”

“You’re not talking to him by yoself. Peaches I was serious when I said I love you and want to be with you if that mean getting my ass beat then so be it.” Hearing this dimmed my anger because I knew it was true. Did I love Sly? No but I liked him a lot, maybe one day it could possibly turn into love.

“Look who it is, bae I told you we wasn’t going to have to drag her ass out.” Kimmy joked sitting in Mike’s lap.

“If King ain’t give the go ahead then we would’ve.” Mike joined in saying laughing. Sly put me down, as he stood behind me, feeling his body slightly shake had me glancing over at him.

“Oh that’s funny? Remember that, nuh uh gone don’t even try to apologize.” I laughed as Sly grabbed me from behind.

“Bae you know I was playing-.” Sly was saying until he was cut off.

“Bae?” King voice came from behind us and cussed to myself but played it cool.

“Yeah bae, Sly knows he’s my baby.” I said it as a joke while turning around and hugging Sly. “Ain’t that right bae?” My lips puckered up towards him a look of confusion cross his face before he started leaning towards me.

Was he seriously thinking about kissing me? Turning my head I looked at a glaring King with a smile plastered on my lips, as Sly’s touched my cheek.

“Get fuck’d up,” was all he said before walking up to Mike and shaking up with him. Pushing away from Sly I gave him that ‘what the fuck’ look but he didn’t seem faze one bit.

Stupid ass dude I swear.

With King of course it was Sam and Blaze.

“I bet you feeling hella uncomfortable right now huh?” I asked Blaze before looking at Sam, giving him a smile. “Hey-.” My words were cut off as he hugged then kissed me on the chick like he seen Mike do earlier.

“What’s up Peaches? Damn you lookin good.” He said looking me up.

“So do you,” taking in his semi baggy Coogi jeans that hung low with the matching blue shirt.

“Keep lookin like that I’mma think you want it.” Sam suddenly stated making me laugh. Licking my lips I continued to look at him.

“Oh Pretty Boy I do, trust I wanna see what those lips of yours feel like.” Feeling Sly’s grip on waist tighten brought me the realization he was standing behind which I hadn’t notice.

“Let dance,” Sam offered his hands to me.

“Sam, cool the fuck out, nigga go get a drink.” Blaze stated before pushing Sam away from me, making him laugh.

“Peaches let’s dance.” Before I could respond Sly was already pulling me to the dance floor. One we were far away from everybody else, slightly hiding behind a tree Sly turned me around to face him. “What the fuck is you doing, in front me fo’real.”

“I wasn’t serious,” lie I was serious as hell. “It was just a front; I’ve been joking with both him and Blaze every time I see them. It’s nothing serious Sly, damn. You can’t be acting like the jealous boyfriend when we aren’t even officially together.”

“Then we need to change that, I don’t like this shit. Do you even wanna be with me?” My mouth opened then closed. “That’s why you not rushing to tell him-.”

“Sly, I do wanna see where things go between us. Believe me I really do but I know my brother,” was my explanation. I wasn’t ready for a relationship for a lot of reason but a part of me felt like I at least owed Sly the benefit of the doubt before writing him off. I mean he’s been eating my pussy since I was fifteen he was actually the first but with Jerron around I kind of brushed him to the side and given our huge age difference it wouldn’t have worked. And he never pressured me to have sex so for that reason alone I could at least see if there was really something here, there had to be something if we kept this going for seven years.

“Iight Peaches,” pressing my lips together I wrapped my arms around his neck. “N’all gon man,” Sly grabbed my arms trying to pull them from his neck.

“Don’t be mad at me, I promise to talk to him just give me a few days. Okay?” Turning around so my back was to him I pressed my body against his then brought his arms around to my front and began rolling my hips.

“So you gon do that?” Sly whispered in my ear glancing over at him, I nodded my head with a smile. Biting my bottom lip I started grinding into him, leaning forward my ass shook from side to side before I dropped down low into crouch then coming back up, my ass out rolling against him until I reached his growing erection. Pressing harder into him I started rolling and grinding my ass on him.

Holding onto my hips Sly head went into my neck once again and he started sucking and kissing on the skin even giving me little bite. Smiling I continued to work my hips against his dick. We danced like that through four maybe five songs that I could remember before I completely lost myself in the feel of his dick pressed into the crack of my ass.

It was times like this I hated being a virgin.

“You tryna make me nut in my damn jeans, that shit ain’t cool Peaches.” Sly groaned out as he stopped my rolling hips. “I need a drink.” Laughing I turned around to face him, standing on my tip toes I kissed his cheek.

“And a cold shower-,” I started saying but Sly cut me off.

“Fuck you,” Sly said as he muffed my head back. Punching him in the arm I laughed.

“I was going to say me too, so stop before I beat yo ass out here.” Grabbing his hand I started pulling him towards the back doors where a few coolers sat. “You want a beer or water?” I asked while grabbing myself a bottle of water.

“You can toss me a beer.” At the sound of his voice I laughed grabbing two beers I stood up straight. After handing Sly his beer I gave Blaze the other one.

“You welcome.” Blaze’s is sexy I had to give it to him.

“Yep, what’s up Sly, this you?” He asked nodding towards me. Glancing at Sly hoping he didn’t say anything, but as I looked at him he seemed kind of nervous all of a sudden.

“N’all we just cool, I work at his clinic.” I answered not knowing why Sly suddenly choked up when just a few minutes ago he was ready to step to King letting him know about us. “I’m nobodies, what about you I pretty sho you got a few bitches and baby mommas running about here.” Blaze shook his head as tilted his bottle back.

“N’all sweetheart I ain’t got no bitches, baby momma’s none of that. You sure you single tho? I mean I don’t give a fuck if you are or not, it makes me no never mind.” Blaze finish saying making it obvious he didn’t care what Sly was to me as he openly checked me out. I had to admit I’m loving his boldness. “Sly you don’t mind if I take her away from you for a bit?” When Sly didn’t respond I looked at him again to see he was looking pissed but at the same time he wasn’t saying anything.

“Why should he care as I said I’m single, no attachments to no one-,” Blaze cut me off as he step close to me with a slight mug to his features.

“Could’ve fooled me with the way you two were out there, I was sho you two mothafuckas was about to start fuckin.” Locking eyes with Blaze I hummed.

“You were staring pretty damn hard to see us from way over there and if we suddenly did start fuckin so what as I said I’m single, with no attachments to nobody. Sly I’ll see you later.” My eyes stayed lock with Blaze the entire time before I walked off the porch and back to where I last saw Kimmy.

My group of girls along with my brother and he’s friends where still by the pool laughing, drinking and smoking. Coming to them I sat in Missy’s lap.

“Damn bitch just come sit on mommas lap.” Looking at Missy I laughed.

“Shut the hell up, so what I miss?” I asked looking over at Ebony and King all hugged up like this morning hadn’t happened. Shaking my head at them I leaned back on Missy.

“You and Sly being reckless,” Missy whispered in my ear and I quickly turned to face her.

“I know, like what the fuck? This shit stressing me out and it haven’t even started yet. I already know he gon flip the fuck out when he finds out and dude know the same fuckin thing and he wanna play jealousy, talking bout he don’t wanna hide no more. Miss, what the fuck am I gon do? King, gon flip the fuck out, especially because it’s somebody he knows who also doing some low shit.” I whispered to her as I shook my head. “This shit stressful.”

“Baby don’t stress over it, we got you no matter how it plays out. Peach you can’t keep letting him run you sweetie, this the age where you’re supposed to fuck up. I get he wants your best interest but sweetie you have to live for you. Go out find some random to pop that cherry then have a threesome-.” I burst out laughing at Missy.

“Ang, Kim, Ebony, y’all why the fuck this bitch tryna tell me to have a damn threesome!” I yelled loudly while laughing.

“Missy, you gon join in to teach me?” My lips formed into a pout as I asked.

“Bitches we can make this into a five-some gotdamn it, I wanna try it.” Kimmy said excitedly getting off of Mike’s lap and coming to sit at the end of the lawn chair.

“I’m with it,” Ebony said holding up her cup. “Ang, what about you?” Angel face scrunched up and she shook her head.

“I’m sorry I ain’t eating nann one of you bitches pussies after y’all then fuck’d these dirty dick ass niggas, I’m cool and Missy after that shit Kim said about yo bitch nuh uh. Peaches the only one I’ll fuck.” Angel said and I broke out laughing.

“Y’all now that she said that…I’m good too. Ugh!” I literally started shaking thinking about these niggas they fuck. “I can’t deal, no I can’t. Sorry Missy my cherry staying intact, ugh, tho eating pussy after Mike, King, Mya and whoever Angel fuckin, ugh, no. Now y’all got eating pussy in my head. Y’all nasty,” covering my face feeling it go hot I just started laughing all over again.

“This bitch then turned ten shades of red, hell n’all y’all.” Missy said pulling at my hands. “Aw baby its okay, come on put yo face in my titties.” Pushing her away from me I shook my head.

“I can’t stand yo ass.” Even though I said that I hugged Missy nonetheless.

“Y’all bitches crazy, if y’all do decide on that, I wanna watch.” Mike spoke up pounding Sam’s fist as he agreed with him.

“On everythang, I’m there.” Taking Missy’s cup I took a few sips of her Don Julio and orange juice.

“Boss I’mma beat all they ass if either one of them do that shit. That’s some incestuous shit-.”

“Missy already fuckin Peaches so what you mean?” Ebony stated cutting King off before laughing. “Missy duck he bout to start shooting.” Again we broke out laughing.

“You see why I told yo ass to stop hanging with these mothafuckas? Y’all bad influences on her, Peaches sex is bad.” Ebony slapped the shit outda him once those words left his mouth. “Bitch hit me again,” she did harder this time.

“How the fuck is sex bad when you can’t seem to keep yo little dick in yo fuckin pants.” Ebony snapped at him.

“I plead the fifth.” King said holding up five fingers.

“That what the fuck you better had said, shorty whooped yo ass earlier.” Blaze said for the first time to the group.

“Fuck you B ain’t nobody ask you shit.” King snapped in response making Mike and Sam laugh.

“Boss she was tagging that ass, fuck’d my man up.” Mike laughed shaking up with Blaze. Covering my mouth I looked at my girls only to find them looking around at each other as well before we broke out laughing.

“Ebony ass went start beast on his ass. Peaches went to pull King off her only to have that bitch drag his ass back down. She was on her back tho whoopin yo ass, King, that’s just sad.” Angel shook her head laughing.

“Bitch shut the fuck up; I let her do that shit fuck outda here. Ebony ass knows what’s up.” Looking at Ebony her lips twisted before she wrapped her arms King’s neck.

“Y’all don’t tease him, bae we know what’s up. I mean sometimes I have to put hands to you-.” King muffed Ebony, pushing her head back. “Stop, King, damn.” She laughed straddling his legs then leaning forward biting his bottom lip. Taking his snapback off, she covered their face. King’s free hand went to Ebony’s ass pulling her up on him. Shaking my head I looked away from them.

Even though their relationship wasn’t perfect just like Mike and Kim’s they were cute together and Ebony really did balance him out.

Leaning back on Missy I crossed my legs, as I did that she pushed me in my back slightly, making me go forward. Glancing at her she nodded straight ahead; following her gaze my eyes fell on Blaze staring at my legs. My head tilted to the side as I dropped my hand in front of my legs and began snapping my fingers. Once Blaze noticed fingers his eyes jumped to mine.

Blaze beckoned me to him with his index finger and I shook my head before looking over at King then back to him.

“Fuck King, come here.” My eyes widened slightly as he said that. This nigga is crazy. Shaking my head again I looked away from him to Missy.

“Missy-,” she cut me off.

“Don’t come whispering to me, you got three opinions over there, dreads, sexy caramel over there or Sly. Seeing as you already know what Sly’s about I’m rooting for sex caramel. I’ll distract Sly and you go sneak off with him. Ebony got King distracted so go.” Missy whispered trying to push me off her.

“No Missy stop you damn fool.”

“Peaches let me holla at you for a minute.” Blaze called out again, sighing I turned to face him again about to get up. Until Mya suddenly came roughly pushing past Blaze and storming over here like she had a purpose.

“Oh shit, Peaches get up.” Missy cussed as Mya reached us. Once I got up off her lap Mya walked up yanking Missy by the arm pulling her from the lawn chair.

“Why the fuck you lie? Yo ass supposed to be at home.” Mya snapped, no this bitch wasn’t. From what I heard so was she, they were supposed to be together, what the fuck?

“Mya let me the fuck go, bitch I been here for two hours and you just now deciding to come say something to me? Get the fuck out my face, go back to that bitch you been hugged up with all fuckin night, bye, get out my face.” Missy snapped muffing Mya’s head back with each final word.

“Nuh uh bitch don’t be-,” the girl that was with Mya yelled as she came rushing our way. I was already standing so I was ready for that ass to try to run up. “-putting yo fuckin hands on her, Ah!”

“N’all bitch watch where the fuck you going, y’all some rude ass hoes.” My mouth fell to the floor as she pushed pass Blaze like Mya had done but unlike Mya, Blaze caught ol girl by her long weave ponytail and yanked her head back hard making her fall to the ground.

“Damn B then snatched that bitch hair out!” Sam burst out laughing before taking the weave ponytail from Blaze. Ol girl looked beyond embarrassed as her facial features, I’m guessing mirrored ours. Her mouth was slightly parted as she stared at Blaze in disbelief. “Damn baby girl here,” Sam said helping ol girl up as well as trying to literally push the ponytail back on her head.

“Missy let’s go.” Mya wasn’t even thinking about the girl who was just trying to help her out. I don’t think she gave her a second glance as she tried pulling Missy.

“Mya let me the fuck go, take yo ass over there and tend to that bitch that just got her weave snatched out.” Missy snapped trying to push Mya off her.

“Mya let’s go.” Ol girl called pulling away from Sam and going to Mya grabbing her arm. She must wasn’t really a fighter because she wasn’t paying Missy any attention or maybe she was just too embarrassed, I don’t know which it was. “Bae let’s just go.” She stated.

“Go sit yo ass over there until I’m done with her, damn.” Once again my mouth fell open. No she didn’t.


“Didn’t I just say go sit the fuck down?” Mya yelled at her. With a sigh and roll of her eyes she walked over to an empty chair and sat down. I wanted to slap the shit outda her for doing so. Ain’t no way in hell I would’ve done no shit like that. Missy laughed shaking her head.

“Peach you ready to go?” I wasn’t but I understood she wanted to get away from her.

“Yeah, come on. Ang you ready?” Angel shook her waving us off.

“Y’all gon head I got a ride.” She said. “I’ll get my stuff tomorrow.”

“Come on Miss-.” Mya wasn’t letting her ass go though.

“N’all, hold on Missy can we talk.” Mya asked again, Missy realizing Mya wasn’t going to let her agreed.

“Peaches give me a minute.” Snatching away from Mya, Missy started walking off with her in toll. Ol girl Mya was with just sat there watching the two of them walk away.

“Damn, yo sister got these hoes in check.” Mike stated laughing. “I need to get some pull from her ass.”

“That’s what the fuck I’m thinkin. Let me pull some shit like that a nigga starting war world three in this bitch.” King admitted with a shake of his head then glancing over to ol girl. “Get up right quick.” Tapping Ebony’s legs she got up. King stood, grabbing his snapback, putting it on his head as he walked over to the girl pulling his chair close, sitting next to her.

After what he just said he takes his ass over there. Looking over at Ebony to my surprise she didn’t make a move to get up. She just sat there staring hard as hell watching him.

 Rubbing my forehead I flopped down in the chair Missy had occupied a couple minutes ago. Scooting all the way back crossed my legs at the ankle already knowing drama was about to start. I hadn’t even gotten comfortable yet before Blaze came lifting my legs up and sitting them in his lap.

“So you gon play me all night?” My lips twisted as my head shook.

“You was wrong for pull her weave out.” I said instead.

“Shid she was wrong for bumping into me, her and that other bitch. What I gotda do to get you to spend the night with me?” My brows rose at the seriousness in his voice.

“Not be King’s friend-.”

“Fuck King I told you that, he ain’t got shit to do with this. I’m tryna get at you, been tryin, shid I’m honestly been goin about it nicely if you ask me. I’m starting to get impatient, tho,” that made me laugh. “Oh that’s funny?” Nodding I licked my lips.

“Very, don’t get me wrong, you’re… very attractive and your lips are a bonus, sexy, full and when you lick’em, mm my damn. Even so…you’re not my type. I don’t wanna mess with a King and from what I hear you’re both one in the same.” Grabbing my waist Blaze pulled me into his lap.

“What’s yo type? Sly, hum? That nigga ain’t gold-.” Cutting him of with my laugh I shrugged my shoulders.

“To be honest I don’t care if he is or not. I mean he’s not my dude, like I said I work at his office.” What he means Sly wasn’t gold? Last I check he was single only dirt he had on him was involving himself with King.

“So you kiss all yo employers?” His question caught me off guard for a second, causing my mouth to then close like a fish. “Cat got your tongue?” Quickly composing myself I bit into my bottom lip before raising a brow at him.

“How hard were you watching me?” Humming his hand came to my thigh.

“It don’t matter, I saw-.”

“So what, a kiss is nothing to me, it’s a simple meaningless gesture for me to see how good one works his mouth and tongue.” Leaning closer to him my tongue flicked the rim of his bottom lip. “Daddy you wanna show me how good your lips work.” Not giving him a change to reply or myself to think about what I was doing I pulled his bottom lip into my mouth, sucking on it then doing his top.

“Oh damn…” hearing someone say that had me pulling back as I mentally repeated the same thing ‘Oh My Damn!’ his lips are so soft. Damn I wanted to kiss him again and I was about to…

“Peaches what the fuck are you doing?” As if fire had set to his lap I jumped off him so fast at the sound of King’s deep barbaric voice.

“Nigga don’t say shit to her why you over there with that bitch!” Ebony snapped jumping in front of me.

“Man shut the fuck up; I was seeing if she was iight-.” Ebony slapped his ass.

“Nigga I don’t give a fuck if that bitch was bleeding to death you ain’t have to take yo triflin ass over there. You know what King, boss I ain’t even fuck’d up about yo dirty ass no mo, just like you can slid into the next bitch. I can easily hop on another dick, fuck-.” King slapped her so fuckin hard; my hand went to my cheek because I felt it.

“You can hop on what?” He snapped grabbing a hand full of her hair and yanking her into his face. “I ain’t hear you, what the fuck you say? You can hop on, boss say that shit again Ebony.”

“King, let her go, you act so fuckin stupid, I swear to God! You gon hit her when yo triflin ass just sat over there makin conversation with another bitch in her face.” I snapped grabbing his arm.

“Peaches get the fuck off me,” King pushed me so hard I stumble back in my heels. Thanks to Blaze I didn’t fall.

“King I said let her go.” Pulling Ebony out his grip, I pushing him as he just done me, only difference was he didn’t stumbled hell he didn’t budge.

“You busted my lip.” Ebony said in a shock tone, rubbing her lips she laughed. Reaching over me she slap him again “Fuck you, I’m so done with you, I hope you have fun with that bitch.” With that she walked off, King didn’t follow after her like usual. Instead he picked his hat up off the ground hit it against his pants then turning to head back to ol girl.

“King you really gon do that?” I asked him.

“Take yo ass home Peaches.” He snapped at me.

“You stupid as fuck and she’s just as dumb if she stays with yo triflin ass after this shit. You foul as hell King I swear.” For this reason right here is why I don’t want to be in a relationship, niggas is just triflin for no reason.

“Shut the fuck up and take yo ass home, don’t make me tell yo ass again.” To avoid getting into a fight with him I snatched my jacket of the lawn chair.

“Fuck you King,” With that I started walking away.

“I don’t get a goodbye kiss?” Blaze called to me, sticking my middle up in the air I kept going. He was probably no better than King’s ass.

Sexy or not I was not going there with him, all my brother friends where hoes and with him just getting out of jail his ass was bout gon jump in anything that walks.

“Ayo, this last time yo ass walkin away from me. I’ll be seeing you again sweetheart.” Blaze yelled to my retreating back. Ignoring him I quickly made my way in the house finding Ebony. Once I found her I pulled her into a hug.

“E, don’t be crying over his ass baby you can do so much better then him I swear.” King is so fuckin stupid.

“I’m good, let’s just go.”

“Here go to the car while I go find Missy.” After handing her my keys I went in search of Missy. Going up the stairs I went to the first bedroom only to find it empty. I continued looking through rooms until I came to the last one at the end of the hall, knocking I didn’t get a reply so I opened the door. “Oh My-,” slamming the door shut I started laughing, only Missy’s ass. Knocking on the door again, harder this time I yelled. “Missy we’re about to leave, boo, you good?” That was a stupid question seeing as Missy had Mya’s ass eating her pussy. I shook my head trying to shake the image from my mind.

“Here I come!” Missy yelled with a moan from the other side of the door. I didn’t know if that was for me or Mya. A few minutes had pasted when ruffling was heard in the room followed by Mya’s voice.

“You’re really about to leave with her?” She asked not sounding happy at all.

“Yeah I told you I’m done fuckin with you, this here was nothing. You ate my pussy because you wanted to I didn’t ask. Now let me the fuck go, that bitch somewhere around here waiting on you.” The door was snatched opened soon after and Missy emerged. Looking at me she held up her finger. “Don’t say shit.” Zipping my lips I laughed. “Bitch you stupid, her ass think I’m playing. Peaches I’m so done, I just can’t deal with a lying ass bitch. Mya’s ass just that, fuck her fo’real.” She stated as we came down the stairs then out the front door.

“So was she good?” Looking at me Missy nodded her head.

“Yes, but not even that can make me stay with her ass, I’m serious as hell Peaches.” I believed her. At this moment her mind was mind but who’s to say later on she won’t go dipping back to the bullshit that’s Mya.

Seeing the shit my bitches go through make me not want to ever date.

Hell at this rate I might even die a virgin…